Everything plywood wants to be- weather-proof, colorful, recyclable

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We utilize mixed post-industrial and post-consumer plastic waste to create a waterproof and highly durable 3/4 inch x 4ft x 8ft panel (STORM BOARD) to replace plywood or other wood fiber boards in applications where water resistance and durability are critical.


STORM BOARD HI (High Impact)

Made from 100% mixed post-industrial and post-consumer recycled plastic,  STORM BOARD HI includes a smooth surface that is:

  • Impenetrable to rain and humidity, making it a great alternative to plywood and other engineered products in wet / humid environments

  • Long life (rot proof / rust proof / resistant to microbial action). Cost over life of board less than plywood or fiber board products for certain applications

  • Smooth, flat finish

  • Anti-graffiti finish - no protective painting required

  • Maintenance-free

  • Easily washed

  • Formaldehyde-free

  • Easy to handle and splinter free

  • Can be cut and routed

  • Cut-edges do not need to be sealed

  • Can be shaped using heat

  • Can be nailed, glued or screwed

  • Stiffness – approximately 0.35 GPa at 75o

  • Density – approximately 589 kg/m3

Mixed Plastic Waste Raw Materials

STORM BOARD is manufactured from post-industrial or post-consumer raw materials, many of which traditionally have not been recycled.  These include polystyrene (PS), ABS, polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (including HDPE & LDPE), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) or any mixed plastic composite made with the above materials.




Waste raw materials are cleaned and granulated and applied in layers within a molding machine called a Quad Pod.  The Quad Pod heats the mixed plastic waste raw materials in the mold to form a mechanically strong, light and versatile panel. Once cooled, the STORM BOARD is removed and the process starts anew.

Final Product



The finished STORM BOARD HI is flexible, strong, impervious to water, resistant to graffiti, and generally maintenance free. STORM BOARD is available in a variety of colors and can also be delivered with an attractive rendered finish.

Applications for STORM BOARD

Construction / Fencing



Street Furniture & Signage

Construction - Concrete Formwork

Storage & Wall Cladding

and many others.


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